Songs To Punch Nerds To

by Space Church

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Stella Rae
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Stella Rae Love all the tracks, This one caught me off guard the other night..."And she played...and he sat with his hat in his lap while she played and his heart grew and grew..." Favorite track: The Banjo Song.
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Tracked with an 'analog approach to digital media'.
No digital skullduggery, no double-tracking, no overdubs and no backward cymbal going into the chorus!
Only ethically sourced zeros and ones were used in this recording.
Mastered for dynamics. I really don't give a fuck if it sounds like shit on your 'pimp-ass' Beats headphones. Google: 'Loudness War' then buy a real stereo.


released August 7, 2016


all rights reserved



Space Church Camberley, UK

Play Post / Noise / Stoner / Math Rock

They don't have any Apple laptops on stage, so you can be sure they are not checking facebook when they should be playing.

Space Church are just in time for the 90's 'grunge' revival so all you hipster types dressed like T4 presenters in your skinny jeans and piano ties should jump on the band wagon now!
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Track Name: Chlorine
Chlorine is a chemical element with the symbol Cl and atomic number 17. It has a relative atomic mass of 35.5. within the halogen group 17 it is the second lightest halogen following fluorine. The element is a yellow-green gas under standard conditions where it forms diatonic molecules.
Furthermore, chlorine has the highest electron affinity and the third highest electronegativity of all the reactive elements. For this reason chlorine is a strong oxidising agent, used within industries for production, bleaching and disinfection, and you might be familiar with the odour from industrial cleaning or reminiscent from communal swimming.
I doubt the quality of shit you're selling
It's chlorine not coke that I'm smelling
I'm great, I feel great, hey you're great, you look great
We should bring our sleeping bags and stay the night
This is a great place, we're all great, we're all great
We're all great, we're all fucking great!
Track Name: Ships
Look, thirty principal stars
Fifteen above, fifteen below
He said a planet is a wandering star
At regular intervals passing from above to below
Abandoning inferior depths to rise to sublime altitudes
Of these seven planets
Two good, two nefarious, and three ambiguous

All things in this world depend upon their eternal fire
According to their position, a passage may be drawn
Without hatred, without fear
Without pity, without love
Without water, without tears
Without limits, without God

A carapace, a shell
I long to fly, to bark and cry
To swim and not lose my breath
That I could breathe out smoke or wield a trunk
To be everything, every animal, every field of rapeseed oil
Every odour, every orange peel, every number seven
Every sunset, the breath of young lovers laying
I will flow like water
Vibrate like sound
Shine like light
Into each atom
Descend to the bottom
All the rockets that fly, every mother that dies
The dog shit you stepped in, the first time you kissed him
Track Name: Snowballs
Well it sucks that I had to die to meet you
But you know, thanks a lot God
So here we are, playing mini golf in the afterlife
I guess it's not so bad cause I found love
Tonight we get to see the Grateful Dead, original line up, with Jerry
And they think I’m afraid
And I know you're the better person
That you run back into the house, the burning house
And I know that I'm the lesser person
And I wonder what you see here
Just cause I don't like snowmobiles, ex-wives, public speaking or asking for a raise
This is not fear, this is hate
Track Name: Working in the Glue Factory (For $5 A Day) / Miami 1980
It's tough for a working man in Nineteen Thirty Two
You know what with this economy falling through
I look to the good book for some strength and fortitude
But it brung no work after you gotta shoot yer mule

Well standards won't buy these kids shoes
And see what happens to morals when your rent is due
Could you look your wife in the eye and bring home no food
So I took that job in the Glue Factory, making glue

Well five bucks a day was never so cruel
It ain't no fun driving a bulldozer through a zoo
Now I served in Europe and I thought they were some fucked up dudes
It weren't nothing till you smelled Hell's cauldron brew

But that night, President Hoover, in a dream, came to me
He said
"Put down that bottle son, and set yourself free
For it is the uncommon man in this world who stands true
So pick yourself up son, and start anew"

It's at this point that the song changed track
I want your imagination, if it could
To leave 1930s depression era America
And come with me on a journey, as I sail, through the wind
With it in my hair, on my speedboat, to you
Beautiful thing, hanging at the pier, in your high heel boots
I'm here, in the future, with you, where am I? where I am!
Miami, Magic City, Miami, A.D. 1980
Miami, 1980, Miami, 1980, Miami, 1980, Miami, 1980

I've seen you on the beach and I've seen you on TV
So come on girl, we're leaving for the Keys
As I take you in my arms, don't be scared
This cocaine really emphasises the fresh sea air
Track Name: The Opposite of Clever / 賢いの反対
Again and again
Hatano on Kanagawa
Nature our enemy

And the rain becoming snow becoming rain becoming snow becoming...


Track Name: (Don't Let) Cuba In
Don't let Cuba in, don't let Cuba in
We found the hidden structure
Defined the shape and nature
We know what you're made of
By the things we’re throwing atcha
Track Name: Jōdan
She hears, the noise of the feast
The laughter, the dancing feet
He knows, the wedding is false
Her wolves run through the halls
There were things, things he should have known
He did not believe them, not any at all
But when a mind is closed the heart cannot see
The train that's coming or the track that you lay

Poured in his ear, drawing him near
Joy we have known, pulling me home
Full swing of the arm, protector from harm
Bad dreams from the crib, the pain that he hid
Don't cut the hand, don't slay the lamb
Demon be gone, faithful be strong
Enough is enough, bring me my stuff
Leave him alone, leave him alone

He comes home, discovers deception
Queen of Cups, it doesn't matter, it does, it doesn't matter
Cuts of forgiveness and cuts of blame
Fling these red drops to the earth
Let them bloom like blossoms
Let bloom, let them grow

On the north wall rises a tower
And another, a third, and forth and so on and so on
In the eighth tower, a chapel and an old bed
I couldn't tell why they would need to be there, but I knew I shouldn't ask

The first months in a foreign country are like a dream
I walk through the streets by myself
I inform myself of the customs of these people
I dressed as they do, and drank tea in clear glasses
But old thoughts travel
Home is not a place, it's a time

In the shadow of the kingdom I visit the workshops
Examining the great machines that carry water to the gardens
But they hardly gave me any attention
They let me come and go as I please
This is a kind of work
Your springtime will never come again
Track Name: The Banjo Song
I had been helping her through my firm to draft certain legal papers
In pursuance of a dissolution of a marriage
We had known each other for many years
As children we had played together
But I had not seen her since her return from Europe
New York society had not been quick to accept her
Though sympathetic to her face
Behind her back they were ungenerous

To meet with such a woman was not considered ‘accepted behaviour’
But my fiancé’s family had implored me
To try and sway her from the path of divorce
In the context of business, it was acceptable for a gentleman to visit
And I can assure you that our meetings had always been proper
Until she took out her banjo and started to play
Like heaven's own
To listen to my lures sweet tone

And she played
And he sat with his hat in his lap
While she played
And his heart grew and grew

* * *

In the novel, I did not stay
I would never know her in that way
We said our goodbyes
Cut the ribbons that tied
I walked home through the lamp light
I most specifically did not cry

* * *

This is a tract on sensibility, esprit de corps
The link between your morale and my morality
Requires you to call her a whore
But in the porn parody we fuck
She played the banjo with a mouth full of nuts
She had Chinese writing all down her back
But I still could not read her
It said 'good luck' or what the fuck!
How would I know?
It might have said 'this is the greater reality',
'my tract', 'my life', 'my sensibility'

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